Blogging Samples for your custom website

If you can provide good content, a blog is a great way to attract readers to your website as well as potentially improve the organic search rankings for your website.


Some organizations use a blog as a simple way of updating just one portion of their website. For instance, this site has multiple residents who update road conditions. This one adds breaking news stories.


There are a number of blogging methods as well as ways to display them on your website. This page is designed to illustrate different ways that you can link or embed a blog to your website. (These methods are not all provided on the same page because that would cause a long load time!)

Facebook Feed

An easy way to push information to your customers from one location. View Sample


Use an RSS feed to display your external blog     

View Sample


Use WordPress as an internal blog and pull the content into your webpage.    View Sample


Use an iframe to display your external blog    View Sample


Embed Twitter Feed Into Your Website     View Sample