Professional Website Design near Troy, Missouri

Affordable websites that look great are available to businesses in Troy, MO! Don't just settle for a cheap template when advertising your business or you may end up with a cheap-looking website. To maximize the influence of your site, you need complete control over customization. Website builders may appear flexible, but are often disappointing later when you want minor changes but have no capability to make them.

IntegriTivity can create a customize a creative, professional-looking website for you at a GREAT value.
We can maintain the entire site for you or set it up so that you can update your own photos. Assistance with web hosting, domain registration and email administration is also available. We can also handle your search engine optimization and online advertising. Check out our full website portfolio to see the latest custom websites or view a few from in/near Troy, MO below.

IntegriTivity can HOST
your small site for less!


IntegriTivity's recommended host for advanced features:

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Features available on custom websites include, but are not limited to:

•   Domain and Hosting setup and email administration

•   Forms and Email Contact Forms
•   Photo galleries and slideshows (see examples)

•   Embedded Google Calendar (see examples)

•   Embedded Blog, Facebook or Twitter feed (see examples)

•   Directory and search engine submissions
•   Link from (helps your search rankings)
•   Database design and integration
•   Embedded videos

•   Static or dynamic content

•   Search Engine Optimization

•   Paypal shopping cart, donations and recurring payments

•   eCommerce shopping cart customization
•   Custom graphics or provide your own
•   Browser compatibility - IE, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome
•   Code validation
•   Visit Counter, Google Analytics, etc. (statistics)
•   Fav Icon (the little picture on your browser's page tab)
•   Inclusion on IntegriTivity's own Like Each Other page for Facebook users